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Drenched Soap Company Wax Melts Beach Bundle
Beach Bundle Wax Melts

    Beach Bundle Wax Melts


    Our best-selling Clearwater Beach and Key West Coconut come together to create the ultimate beachy scent in your home.  Simply put a couple/few wax melts into your wax melt burner and scent your entire home with scents inspired by vacation. Bundle comes with two large 10 oz bags of Clearwater Beach Wax Melts and Key West Coconut Wax Melts.  



    All Natural Clean-Burning Soy Wax with custom-blended Fragrance and Essential Oils. 

    • Add 1 wax melt at a time. 
    • Only use warmers approved for wax melts. Do not overload with wax.
    • Never leave a burning wax warmer unattended.
    • Do not burn your wax warmer for more than 4 hours at a time.
    • Use your wax warmer on a flat stable surface.
    • Keep away from things that can catch fire.

    Two large 12 oz bags in Wax Bundles.